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Character Profile

Character Profile - Jason Costello

Jason Costello (played by Victoria Atkin) 

Jason Costello is the youngest son of Carl and Heidi. Until Christmas 2010, Jason was living life as a girl, Jasmine. Suffering from Gender Identity Disorder (GID) Jasmine had to battle daily with the trauma of living her life as a girl until, in December 2010, she decided it was time to make a change.

When Jason revealed his new identity, he received a mixed reaction. Dad Carl was supportive, whilst mum Heidi was far less tolerant to begin with. After Jason tried to harm himself by jumping in front of Bart's car, however, he was given a different reception at home. Ex-boyfriend Bart also paid to have Jason's name legally changed by deed-poll.

Jason and Bart (#JART) had a bromance like no other. They've had their ups and downs, but they came through it all to become true friends. Jason now loves Bart as a friend and Bart has accepted that Jasmine doesn't exist anymore. Jason even helped Bart win his ex-girlfriend Sinead back.

After his mother's murder by his grandad Silas, Jason needed to get away from Hollyoaks for a fresh start. When his dad Carl offered to take him to America and help him start his treatment, there was only one answer for Jase...





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