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Exclusive interview


Exclusive - Victoria Atkin interview, 17th August 2011

Posted by Jase on August 17, 2011

This month marks a year since Victoria Atkin first appeared on our screens as Jas Costello. I asked Victoria if she would kindly do an interview for Victoria Atkin Online, and she said yes! Here is what she had to say.......

If you could pick one, what would be your favourite Jasmine/Jason moment from the past year?

Victoria: As an actress there has been so many, but I suppose my fav moments have been getting to be part of Jason's stunts and seeing how it all comes together. The car crash was really fun to film.

Playing the first transgender teen on TV is a big responsibility, How have you felt about your character's journey so far?

Victoria: I have enjoyed ever minute of being offered the responsibility of it as it has pushed me to make sure I am telling the story the best I can. I am very proud of how the story has progressed so far.

Is there any aspect of Jason's personality that you would say reflects your own?

Victoria: I would say there a lots of similarities between me and Jason. When you play a character on a soap day in and day out you have to draw on your own life experiences and traits. One major aspect we share is that we both try to be perfectionists.

If you could give Jason a piece of advice, what would it be?

Victoria: The piece of advice I would give to Jason would be to have faith that everything always works out for the best in the end.

Your acting has seen you play two very different personas, from Cinderella to Jason Costello. If you could choose, what kind of role would you like to play next?

Victoria: This is a great question. I have so many acting roles I would love to try. I think next I would love a heartfelt but raw feminine part in a film.


With many thanks to Victoria for taking the time out to talk to us!




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