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JART - Alternative Story

JART Forever (a.k.a - My Dream Storyline)

So, Jason has left for America and Bart is blissfully happy with Sinead. Sorry, but it's not my idea of the perfect dream ending. So here's one I made earlier (Part 1).......


Bart stood on the bridge in the centre of Hollyoaks village and stared into the water. He felt numb. It had been three months since Jason had left for America and Bart was beginning to hurt from the void that Jason had left in his life. It had only just become apparent to him why he felt so affected by it. It was at that moment, stating into the water, that Bart realised that he had been in love with Jason all along. But Bart had been afraid. Afraid of the reactions of others. But most of all, he had been afraid of his own feelings. Now, he didn't know what to do with these feelings. Jason was gone. He had left no contact details, as Jason had said that he wanted to make a fresh start. Bart was with Sinead, but even that was a lie. He had tried to convince himself that Sinead was 'the one' and even though Bart did care deeply for Sinead, he knew that those feelings could never be the same as the love that he felt for Jason.

Jason stood on the golden sand and looked out at the ocean. As the sun began to set, he made his way home. As he entered through the front door he was greeted with silence. There was a note on the kitchen table. His Dad was still out at a training session, so it was just him and a TV dinner. Jason went to his bedroom and sat on the end of the bed. He looked across at the chest of drawers standing in the corner, the contents of which had barely been touched. He got up and pulled open the top drawer. Jason took out a picture and looked at it. A tear started to form in the corner of his left eye - it was a picture of him and Bart.

Bart was thinking. He had heard that Riley Costello, Jason's older Brother, had returned to Hollyoaks. Riley would have some sort of contact details for Jason, an address, a phone number, an e-mail, anything, Bart didn't care what it was, he just knew he had to get in touch with Jason somehow. He wasn't going to let it rest.

''Bart?'' ''Eh, Bart, have you been listening to a single word that I ve said?'' It was Sinead.

Bart and Sinead were sitting together in the skate park, but Bart could have been a million miles away.

''What?'' Bart said ''What...were you saying?''.

Sinead looked at him with a puzzled expression. ''What has been wrong with you lately?'' ''Nothing...I've..I've got to go'' said Bart. ''I'll catch you later''.

''Where are you going?'' shouts Sinead.

But Bart doesn't hear her, he was off to find Riley.

Later that evening, Bart was up in his room trying to work out his next move. It had taken some convincing, but Bart had managed to get Jason's address from Riley. There would be no real harm in letting Bart write to Jason surely? But Bart wasn't going to write, he was intending to go to America. That night Bart planned it all out. He would sell whatever stuff he could to raise cash and 'borrow' the rest from his Aunt. He could sort out how he was going to pay it back later. He just knew that he had to go. He couldn't lose Jason for good. He had to tell him how he really felt.

The next day, after he had pawned all the belongings that he could, Bart packed his bag and left two notes. One for his Aunt and one for Sinead. Bart didn't know how to explain his absence, he simply wrote 'I'm sorry, love Bart'. He grabbed his bag and headed for the door. Bart was just about to close the door behind him, when Sinead suddenly appeared.

''You look like you're going on an expedition! - where are you going?''

The tone in Sinead's voice became frantic and her facial expression, tense.


Bart didn't know what to say. ''I..I..can't..''

Sinead stood her ground ''You can't WHAT?''.

It was then that Sinead spotted the piece of paper clutched tightly in Bart's hand.

''What's this?...Jason's address!''

''I got it from Riley'' Bart explained.

''You're not thinking of going out there?''

Bart was silent

''Why?'' Sinead asked. ''Because I have to,'' said Bart.

Sinead was becoming more upset and the tears were starting to fall, ''Are you trying to tell me that you still love 'Jasmine' and that's why you wanna go out there, to try and convince 'her' to come back!''

''No, that's not it'' said Bart

''Well!'' shouted Sinead, ''Just WHAT is it then!''

Bart turned to face Sinead and replied, '' I love Jason! I have been kidding myself alright...I love him''.

Sinead walked away from Bart and as she did Bart picked up his bag and walked away, saying nothing. Sinead was left on the doorstep with tears streaming down her face.

She shouted ''BART!...if you go, I won't be here when you come back!'' But Bart was gone.

It was the weekend. Jason and Carl, his Dad, were having a kickabout on the beach. Jason was grinning, he had something to smile about. Earlier that day, Jason had finally got the go-ahead to start his hormone treatment and he felt like he could fly. After the game, Carl headed off to get some supplies for a small party to celebrate that evening. Jason started walking along the beach front, when he thought that he, it can't be. Jason stopped and stood motionless as the figure approached. Suddenly, Jason felt like everything had gone into slow-motion. The next few seconds felt like hours as the figure finally stopped in front of him and he heard the words, ''Alright, Jase?''.

Bart and Jason stood face to face for the first time in three months.

Jason was speechless. ''What...?...Bart?...How?''

''I got your address off Riley'' explained Bart ''But don't have a go at him, he didn't know I would turn up here''.

Jason was still stunned. In his dreams, Jason had longed for this moment to happen and now it was reality, he didn't know what to do.

''I told you, I wanted to start again'' said Jason.

''I know'' said Bart ''But there was just one problem''.

''What'' said Jason.

Bart looked Jason right in the eyes, ''You may be able to forget about me, but I can't forget about you''.

Jason looked back at Bart ''I couldn't forget you. Remember what I said before I left, I said that I would never forget you Bart McQueen''

Jason paused, ''Wait a minute, does Sinead know you're here?''

''It's over,''said Bart ''I..I...'' Bart's voice croaked.

''What is it Bart, what happened, why did you come out here?''

Bart took a deep breath. ''I had to tell you..I''

Bart took Jason by the hand ''I love you Jason Costello, I've been stupid, I have been denying my true feelings all this time. It was only once you were gone that I realised that you were the one that I really loved''.

Jason didn't know what to say. The two boys sat down on the beach and talked. Bart told Jason what had happened between him and Sinead.

''She must be gutted,'' said Jason.

''Pretty much,'' Bart replied, ''but I couldn't go on like that, she wasn't the one, you are''.

Jason told Bart that he was starting his treatment. Bart gave Jason a hug,

''It's what you've wanted for so long, I'm chuffed for you'' said Bart ''But it doesn't change how I feel about you''.

''Really?'' asked Jason ''We have gone through this so many times,''

''Really,'' Bart replied, ''Why else would I come all this way not knowing how you would react, unless I wasn't 100% serious - I love you.

Jason turned to his friend and flung his arms around him.

''I love you too, Bart. The pair held each other close, oblivious to anyone around them.

Jason took Bart back to his place. Carl wasn't home yet, Jason asked Bart how he got the money for his ticket. Bart explained the whole story.

''Myra will kill you when she finds out'' said Jason.

''Probably,'' said Bart ''But I wasn't thinking about them, I was thinking about you''.

''What you gonna do,'' said Jason...''you will have to go back sometime''.

''Dunno'' said Bart ''I haven't thought that far yet''.

The pair walk into Jason's room. Bart notices the photo, which is now on display in the room. ''You see'', said Jason ''I told you I couldn't forget about you''.

Silence. Then Jason looked Bart in the eyes and the pair kissed. Suddenly, the silence was broken by the sound of a key in the door, Carl was back. Jason and Bart stood hand in hand ready to face him. 


To Be Continued.......     Part 2




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